From Marketer to Blogista

From Marketer to Blogista

I never imagined myself writing a blog. Nor did I ever imagine myself actually LIKING writing a blog. I always thought that I wouldn’t know what to write about, or no one would actually care to read it. The idea of everyone having access to my candid thoughts made me feel way too exposed. This experience has helped me realize how fun blogging can actually be.

I chose the content of each blog carefully. I’ve always been really interested in marketing, and hope to have a career in it one day, so I knew I wanted to write about marketing campaigns. When I was reading articles on social media campaigns, I selected brands that I knew everyone would know about and have opinions about. I also received some recommendations from friends on interesting campaigns to write about. To further encourage conversation, I would end each blog post with questions to the viewer.

As I had expected, people don’t just stumble on to your page and leave comments, I had to promote my blog. At first, I resorted to Twitter and Facebook, encouraging my friends to check out my blog. This worked really well as my friends and family were all really supportive. But I wanted to generate traffic from people I didn’t know as well. I figured that once I was getting comments from random people on the internet, my content was sticky and people were actually interested in what I had to say. So, I promoted my blog all through out the internet. I posted, Reddit, Stumbleupon, Yahoo Answers, Blog Catalog, Blogarama, Flipboard, and frequently commented on other people’s blogs. To my surprise, this method actually worked! Almost half of the comments I received were from people I do not know. It was also really interesting to see that people were organically stumbling onto my blog through search engines like Google and Bing. Not only was I getting viewers in Canada, I was reaching people in the US, the UK, India, Ukraine, and 30 other countries!

I actually found myself obsessed over checking my stats everyday. WordPress does an amazing job of laying out all the information you could ever need to know about your blog. I also played around with the theme A LOT. I wanted to ensure that the theme I chose was simple and easy on the eyes, as well as really clearly showed where users can comment. One thing that I would have done differently is the timing of my posts, as I did not have a consistent schedule of when I would blog.

As the semester has come to an end, I actually have contemplated continuing to blog. It has been an eye-opening experience into the online world that I never would have done without a push!

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Two-Time Taylor Trouble

Two-Time Taylor Trouble

As I’ve mentioned before in the Durex Condom Emergency campaign, contests that allow user generated content are very risky to run. This is also evident with a contest by America’s sweetheart, Taylor Swift. An online contest was held to send Taylor Swift to perform at the school in the US that received the most votes on 4Chan and Reddit. This strategy failed when the school that received the most votes was the Horace Mann School for the Deaf. The school was then removed from the contest due to the cruel prank, but was awarded $50,000 as a consolation prize, and all students were given tickets to her next show.
Poor Taylor’s bad luck didn’t end there. She held another contest earlier this year through a local Boston radio station, where the winner would get a chance meet the singer in person. This contest was hijacked when a 39-year-old man used the help of the 4Chan community to get him the most votes.
Here is one of the creepy posts:

The contest was then terminated as the radio station claimed the contest had been compromised.

Neither situation ended well for Taylor. I do think that Taylor handled the first contest well with the hefty donation to the school and free concert tickets. She did not bow down to the internet prank and resolved the situation in a respectful way. However, I’m not sure I agree with the way they handled the meet and greet. I don’t blame Taylor for not wanting to meet this guy in person (I wouldn’t want to either) but was it really necessary to terminate the whole contest? Why not just award the prize to the runner up who abides to the contest rules?

Do you think Taylor handled these situations well?

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TOMS Gets Shady

TOMS Gets Shady

TOMS is famous for their do good approach to business. With every pair of TOMS shoes purchased, TOMS donates a pair of shoes to a child in need across the globe. The company has given out over 10 million pairs of shoes since 2006. But TOMS hasn’t stopped there..

On October 10th, TOMS launched a campaign for World Sight Day. They produced a limited pair of TOMS branded sunglasses, and for each pair purchased, TOMS would provide eye-care to a person in need. This could be through providing prescription glasses, medical treatment and even sight-saving surgery! TOMS challenged people to show their support and raise awareness for the visually impaired by “Being Shady”. People were encouraged to wear their shades in an unusual setting (e.g. in the mall, at the gym) and then share their photo via social media using the hashtag #BeShady.

I love the TOMS brand and their business model. I think they effectively use unique guerrilla marketing techniques, such as this campaign, and the “A Day Without Shoes” campaign to engage consumers. However, many people criticize that its “raising awareness” campaigns are merely just marketing ploys to raise the awareness of TOMS, and the “Buy one Get one” model actually fails to give people what they really need.

Have you ever purchased a pair of TOMS shoes? Was the “Buy One Get One” model one of the deciding factors of your purchase?

Would you participate in the #BeShady campaign on social media?


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