Google more than just a search engine

Google India released a online advertisement that has you reaching for a tissue. The 3-minute mini-movie tugs at viewers heartstrings by telling a tale of two elderly men, one in India and one in Pakistan, who had been childhood best friends. Separated by the partition of the two countries, the men had been out of touch for 66 years. With the help of the India-based mans granddaughter, and of course Google search, the two men are brought back together for an emotional reunion.

The video went viral on social media in the two countries with over 2.5 million views, receiving comments like:

“Google brought nations together in 3 minutes 32 seconds. The politicians of both countries couldn’t do this in 66 years,”


“Wonderful campaign highlighting all the similarities and shared experiences instead of the differences,”

The campaign was developed with hopes to further push its products in India, such as Google Chrome, Google Search, and Google Maps – on both desktop and mobile.

I find that emotional advertisements are very effective in catching my attention and are usually the ones that resonate with me the most. I almost forgot that it was an advertisement for Google because the story line had me captivated. It definitely shows people how effective Google can be in doing pretty much anything you want.

Did the advertisement trigger an emotional response out of you, or do you find the story line a little too far fetched?

Do you think this was a risky move for Google to advertise on the sensitive topic of the India-Pakistan history?


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10 thoughts on “Google more than just a search engine

  1. Rock41 says:

    Google definitely deserves respect. I prefer it over the other two leading search engines. The advertisement succeeds in personalizing the India-Pakistan conversation without getting too close.

    The story line fits well. Not risky at all.

    • obeverett says:

      Yes, Google did a really great job in developing a tasteful advertisement on the subject matter and I do think of it as a respectful company. They are definitely my first choice of search engines too – I don’t even consider any others!

  2. leevivianly says:

    I personally thought that the story line might have been a little far-fetched, but the emotional element of the ad made it more appealing. The ad was also effective in the sense that it positively communicated the power of Google as a search engine – the fact that Google can give you answers to everything – even questions you’ve spent your whole life wondering about. It was certainly risky for Google to mention the sensitive history between India and Pakistan, but the way the ad evoked the emotional aspect of this topic made it more acceptable. Great job finding this video and giving your insight on it!

    • obeverett says:

      Thanks for checking out my blog!
      I thought the story was a little bit extreme too, but it made me wonder if situations like this are actually possible to accomplish just through Google. I literally use it to solve any of my problems so you never know what you could do with it!

  3. crew8450 says:

    I think it was a great advertisement, really focuses on the emotion. And it went viral even better! What is advertising without a little risk, definitely a good choice from Google.

    • obeverett says:

      I agree, companies definitely need to take some risks in order to make big moves and stand out from the competitors. Google does a great job at always staying ahead of the curve!

  4. Sachin says:

    I thought this commercial was a great idea, being a member of the South Asian community i felt that google cleverly marketed the search engine, even though it is a sensitive topic. However in terms of googles capabilities and the simplicity using the search engine, it seemed unrealistic as my personal experience relevant to basic searches similar to checking flight times was extremely difficult.

    • obeverett says:

      Hey Sachin,
      Yes, they totally simplified the ability to use Google. I’m sure a lot of people struggle with some of the features, I know I have too! The granddaughter in the video was able to find things very easily, which I’m sure in real life would take hours or even days to actually do. However I understand that it was necessary to condense it into a 3 minute video – any longer and I think people would have clicked away midway through.

  5. Neil says:

    What an awesome video. Google truly has had a profound impact on the world. The fact that they have enabled the world to share its vast collective knowledge with anyone with a few clicks on the keyboard is absolutely incredible when you think about it. But to enable to distant friends to re-unite after a life time is truly moving.

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