Would you Share a Coke?


Coca-Cola has always been a leading company in evoking an emotional response from its customers, as we saw earlier this year from their Security Camera campaign.

In the UK, Coca-Cola is giving customers a chance to get a personal experience by printing people names on the Coke bottles. They chose 150 of the most popular names, and created bottles with the labels reading “Share a Coke with [Name]“. The purpose of the campaign is to encourage customers to connect with one another by seeking out and purchasing the names of their friends or family and “Share a Coke” with them. The campaign also had a Facebook application, where users could create and share a virtual Coke for their friends.

The results were huge. Within 3 months, Coca-Cola has seen its Facebook community grow by 3.5% and globally by 6.8%. The hashtag has also been used 29,000 times on Twitter.

In my opinion, I believe that the campaign is brilliant. It gives Coca-Cola a chance to get personal with their consumers and make them feel special. People will buy key chains, pencils, jewelry, and more products that are personalized with their name on it, so why not a Coke bottle too? Not only did they launch a campaign that would attract their core target market (ages 18-25), but it is attractive to people outside of that age group as well. It also connected the online world through user generated content to blow up on social media.

Would you be more inclined to buy a Coke if it was personalized with your name / friends name on it?
How about the people who’s names were excluded? Would they react negatively to the campaign?


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8 thoughts on “Would you Share a Coke?

  1. Dariya says:

    I think it’s a nice idea to print names on the Coke bottles. I don’t drink Coke often because I prefer more healthy drinks but I would gladly buy a bottle with my name on it.

  2. Sachin says:

    Although the campaign may seem like a great idea, speaking from a perspective of someone who would never get there name on the can due to my ethnicity i feel it really excludes a wide market segment. I know the purpose is to share the can with people that have their names on them but in all honesty i don’t think it would catch on.

    • obeverett says:

      It does exclude a lot of people whose names do not fall under the 150 most popular in the country. Running a campaign that is exclusionary like this does have the risks that it may turn away some of their previous customers. However, maybe it could strengthen the relationship that it does have with the customers whose names are on the bottles? It kind of gives that feeling of a one-to-one relationship. It would make me feel special if Coke had a bottle with my name on it!

  3. Ashley says:

    It would be fairly involved to go above and beyond 150 of the most popular names in the country – but the personalization is also brought through the Facebook extension. The Facebook app allowed you to personalize a Coke bottle and share it digitally with a friend, further increasing that feeling of a one-to-one relationship.

    • obeverett says:

      I agree – from a business standpoint it would only be profitable to produce 150 of the most popular names. There is no way that Coca-Cola can cater to everyone! The Facebook app is very strategic because it gives everyone a chance to “Share a Coke”, even if your name doesn’t fall in the 150.

  4. Debbie says:

    I think Coke has come up with a very unique and workable campaign. I’m sure there are many other aspects to consider when proposing an ad campaign, but surely being unique and workable have to be somewhere near the top of the list if the campaign is to be successful. 🙂 I see the logic of the idea of using the 150 most popular names on the cans themselves, and also to pair that with the Facebook App previously mentioned, In my opinion, an excellent way to cover all the bases, so to speak. I don’t know if the stats bear this out, but I would think that the broad population of consumers enjoy items that can be personalized. Because of this, in my opinion Coke has been able to target a very large consumer area with this personalizing idea.
    Would I share a Coke because of this idea?…….yes.

    • obeverett says:

      I thought Coke did a great job incorporating personalization into their campaign too! Its funny, because I drink Coke often, and I never would have thought I would want a Coke bottle with my name on it. But now that they have introduced the idea of it, I would totally purchase a bottle with my name or my friends name on it!

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